Tammy Noden


Tammy Noden is a Physiotherapist working here at Margaret River Medical.

I started wanting to understand how the body worked and performed when I was in high school. I started teaching aerobic classes at this stage.

This continued on with a Bachelor in Sport Science and then another in Physiotherapy.

With these skills I have worked in different clinic across Australia over the last 23 years.I have been the physio for football teams and physio for u19s women at the national. Last year I attended a sports course on the hip given by Andrew Wallis an AFL physiotherspist. With my own interest in yoga, trail running, ocean swimming and more blended in.

My client base and skill set is so much more than just sports and strength and condition.

I recently attended the international Parkinson conference and have worked with many neurological and NDIS clients which is just as rewarding.

I have worked with clients that have jaw (TMJ) issues and worked with speech pathologist and dentists.

Hypermobility, scoliosis, headaches, joint pain (hip, knee, shoulder, back, neck), acute (new issue) or chronic (old issue), with or with out surgery, sleep hygiene and many more.

No matter who you are or what the issue is I will do my best to help. By a diagnosis, education a treatment plan, hands on treatment and a home exercise program.


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